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If you love your guitar so much, why do you keep it in its case?

By keeping guitars out of sight [in their case], playing them stays out of mind. I believe Gibson's Law states it best: a guitar at rest tends to stay at rest; a guitar in motion tends to stay... in play 🙃.

Our guitars are our art. Not just our creative expression when we play, but the instrument itself is a beautiful work of art. Every guitar we choose has some special characteristic that draws us to it.

The Guitar Necktie™ was created out of personal desire to keep my prized Martin, 1968 Yamaha Red-label, and Gibson Les Paul out for show and play, and protected in a way that enhances their appearance. I needed a guitar strings protector. But there was nothing on the market, outside a few things that looked like cheap socks or pillow cases.

There is nothing else like this on the market today.

The product quality has exceeded my expectations and I hope it will yours, too. Welcome to the Guitar Necktie™ community!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you choose us today, and into the future.


Bob Kime, Founder & CEO


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