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Two best ways to protect your guitar strings

We love our guitars, and we want the best for them, like our favorite child. But we also want them to experience the world, not be locked up in a case in the spirit of "conservation". Our instruments bring life into the spaces they occupy, whether or not they're being played. When they hang out in view, they beg the question, "Play me?"

While we can't deny that keeping your guitar in a case and/or a temperature and humidity controlled environment, there are ways you can display for play with a bit more peace of mind to protect and prolong the life of your guitar strings.


2. Clean your guitar strings

Self-evident, by keeping your strings clean with a microfiber cloth can go a long way. If you want an all-in-one to keep your strings lubricated and free from rust, we like the Fast Guitar String Cleaner on Amazon, as it is small, has dual heads, and stores easily in the guitar case. 

Often overlooked, clean your hands. We carry a lot of oils and dirt, and by washing our hands before we play, we're keeping our strings as clean as possible.


1. Protect your guitar strings [with some kind of non-abrasive shield]

Whether you drape a towel over your guitars or have invested in Guitar Neckties, keeping your strings shielded from unnecessary moisture, sunlight, or any other source that could degrade your precious strings much faster than if covered.

The trick is to find something that has the aesthetics because we can all agree that draping a towel over your guitar is pretty weird.

The Guitar Necktie is a first of its kind, and it is not only beautifully designed, it provides real utility to you. How often are you playing vs not playing? By enhancing the look, each guitar becomes a staple in any room, that you and your guests can appreciate time and time-again.


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